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March 21, 2006

Nevada Trying to Ban Hip-Hop from College Campuses

What is it with Nevada and hip-hop? First the Sherriff in Las Vegas tries to kick hip-hop out of casinos, now this:

Regents, chancellor debate hip-hop ban

Violence, drugs, sex, obscenities and delinquent behavior were discussed openly by Regent Stavros Anthony at the Board of Regents meeting Friday as the characteristics of rap and hip-hop music that he proposes to ban from Nevada campuses.

After the recent murder of Las Vegas police officer Henry Prendes by a budding gansta rapper, Anthony proposed rap and hip-hop should be prohibited from university campuses in an effort to protect students.He listed a number of instances where shooting, fights and at times, murders, occur after hip-hop concerts. "I'm not making this stuff up," Anthony said. "There are incidents of violence at those concerts."

Anthony highlighted the precautions the Thomas & Mack officials take when hosting rap events where known gang members are present. Anthony read off lyrics about killing, drugs and living life as a pimp. He abstained from reading some lyrics claiming they were "absurd." He said they do in fact incite violence, contain obscene content and intend to promote others to commit violence.

Chancellor Jim Rogers was one of the first to comment in response to Anthony's proposal, saying it contained "obvious unconstitutionality."

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