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April 3, 2006

AJ to BET: "Stop the Demonic Violence"

Also first spotted by Clyde:

Calloway Blasts BET Music Videos

..blasts what he calls the destructive messages of many of the show's most popular music videos...

"...I couldn't watch my own show with my niece on my lap," Calloway said this past week at South Carolina State University as part of the "Black Student Today" panel... "Pick your five favorite songs," Calloway said. "Write down every word that's in your favorite songs. Read it back to yourself and think about what that has put into your head."

Calloway told the university audience he had vowed that after facing racism while growing up in New Jersey he would "never do anything against my race."

"I felt like I was hurting us by doing what I was doing," he said.

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