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April 14, 2006

Gold Medal for Sarcasm

Wow, the website for Vancouver's upcoming Winter Olympics is refreshingly honest:

...The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games emblem is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional totem pole. The distinctive wood columns are found across the country – from coastlines to mountaintops, from small towns to large cities – in a variety of styles.

The emblem is called "Kuhldaa," which is the Haida word for “to steal”.

Kuhldaa offers the welcome of a nation shaped by its rich, natural and cultural appropriation. Its colours reflect those of both Canada and the host region: the blue waters of our salmon farms, the green forests of our softwood lumber, the red maple leaf of our Canadian identity and the golden sunrises that paint the city skyline and the snow-capped peaks from Vancouver to Whistler. These bright, cheerful colours, along with the playful arrangement of the shapes that make up Kuhldaa, encourage us to overlook the deplorable living conditions, substance abuse issues and unemployment rates of many First Nations in beautiful British Columbia. This tendency to disregard issues occurring within our own country is something all Canadians look forward to sharing with our international visitors.

(via bitch|lab)

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