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April 27, 2006

Man Named Gravy Shot Outside Hot 97

I heard about this last night and thought the details must be exaggerated, but it looks like this guy Gravy really did go upstairs for his moment to shine after getting shot. He was on with Saigon and Wes Jackson's friend Joell Ortiz..

Glad nobody was seriously hurt, but sad to know that in today's hip-hop game this'll become Gravy's gravy train, and we can now expect a major label debut with the recurring theme of "hit the studio with the bullet still in me!"

This page has video of Gravy getting taken to the hospital, and here's the NY Post report.


the studios of Hot 97 last night, but was still able to sit for an interview at the station, police sources said.
Jamal Wollard, 28, who goes by the rap name Gravy, was hit by one bullet as he arrived at the notorious station at about 9:30 p.m. Wollard came with an entourage of about 30 cheering people wearing T-shirts with his name on it.

When the gunfire erupted, people began screaming and running for their lives. But Gravy calmly walked upstairs to do the interview despite his wound, the sources said.

After receiving dozens of 911 calls, cops sealed off the station, looking for any victims. When they found Wollard limping around inside, they asked him what happened, and he said he had fallen, the sources said. But officers noticed blood and he was taken to St. Vincents Hospital in stable condition...

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