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May 11, 2006

Ghostface Analyzing the Fall of the Wu Empire

From Sam's interview in URB:

...When I'd first met Ghostface nearly two months before at the Wu Tang reunion show, he'd seemed more upbeat and energetic, more optimistic not only about his own album but about the Wu's future and its past.

"Yo, (being here with the Wu) is like fucking with your crimeys again," he'd exclaimed to me. "You ever seen Usual Suspects? It's like niggas don't be doing those things for a minute, but then it's like you’re back on. Wu will come back in due time. We’re going take it to the next level. Niggas still love each other. It may be outta sight for a second, but it's never out of mind."

Tonight, he reveals a little more complex view of the band’s past and future. His allegiance is unwavering and unquestionable, that much is clear, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bittersweet.

"Do you think that a lot of troubles and turmoil that individual members of the Wu Tang Clan went through hurt you guys from a career perspective?" I ask.

"It did. A lot of the stuff we were doing then did set us back,” he comments. “At Hot 97 's Summer Jam, we fucked around and cursed (the organizers) out. And on the (1997) Rage Against the Machine tour, we didn't stick with that. We made the wrong decisions -- we fucked up."

"I never thought the Wu reached its full commercial potential," I comment.

"Nah, we really didn't..."

Posted by jsmooth995 at May 11, 2006 3:16 PM

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