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May 10, 2006

Star Suspended Fired at Power 105, After Attacking DJ Envy's Family

I never listen to the show, but I've heard that Star has recently been making some amazingly (even by his standards) low-class attacks on Hot 97's DJ Envy. Star's focus has been aiming anti-asian slurs and personal attacks at Envy's wife, plus gruesome threats towards Envy's young kids.

A bit of a weird situation given that Envy himself was one of the singers on Hot 97's own anti-asian and generally anti-human Tsunami Song. But that doesn't make Star's nonsense any less despicable, and it looks like his hate-mongering has finally caught up with him, as Power 105 reportedly just put him on suspension. EDIT: Power 105 has now confirmed that Star is fired.

This comes just as NY City Councilman John Liu, who prominently joined in the protests against Hot 97 that began on this site, held a press conference today calling for Star's termination.. here's the press release from this morning:

EDIT: I just added a transcript detailing some of Star's on-air comments, under the press release

5/11/06 EDIT: I just posted Star's apology here, issued through his lawyer.

*** Media Advisory ***

Council Member to Demand Termination of DJ "Star" from Power 105 Radio Station;
Racist Pedophile Broadcasts Violate Federal Regulations
Council Member John Liu and other elected officials will demand that
Mr. Troi Torain (also known as DJ "Star") be fired from Clear Channel
Communications' Power 105 radio station in New York City. The
officials will be joined by Ms. Gia Casey, the mother of two children
whose safety she fears for.

Mr. Torain has produced and broadcast comments over public airwaves
expressing his desire to have sex with, ejaculate on, and urinate on
Ms. Casey's young daughter (age 4). He has also offered $500 to
anyone with information about the school that the girl attends.

Taped copies of his remarks will be made available.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

City Hall, Red Room.

Council Members JOHN LIU.

# # #

A partial transcript of Star's on-air comments:

BROADCAST EXCERPTS: Star: Somebody holla at me and tell me about his whore wife and his kid. 866-678-8270. ... Somebody get at me about his whore. His whore wife and his kid, this little ugly ass kid, I hear. Where… where does this kid go to school? I got five hundred bucks for that information. Somebody email me or gimme a call. Just tell me where his kid goes to school. Let's see who's really gully on the microphone. Five hundred dollars, in my pocket, right now. I need to know the school, this faggot ass nigga, DJ's kid goes to school. Star: I've got information on DJ Benji, aka… what's his name again? Envy. I've got information on his gook. His baby's mother.

BucWild: A gook?

Star: Hemp University, uh, cats used to run trains on her. Green BMW…
I'll get to all this in a few minutes.

Star: OH! And I got the information, the school his kid goes to.

[Woman's voice] Really?

Star: Yeah, I'm savin' that one. That's, that's… That's the one I'm
gonna pull out if I have to. If I have to. Oh yes, I'll, I'll come
for your kids. I will come for your kids. I finally got the
information on his slant eyed, whore wife. The information on his
slant eyed, whore wife. Yes. A cat who actually ran a train on her,
contacted me. [chuckle] Allegedly ran a train on her once upon a
time. Allegedly. Once upon a time. Ejaculated all over her face,

Star: No, let me just touch on this real quick,
But there's a woman out there right now who pushed out a little
lo-mein eater by a DJ down by the sloppy station. I got at this
alleged slut whore, heh, and this little half a lo-mein eater. ...
Yes, I disrespected your seed. If you didn't hear me, I said, I would
like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your little baby girl. I would
like to tinkle on her.

"Call the cops"? Nigga, please, there's no bodyguards. I carry the 9.
Most of the cats that are with me, have felony convictions, they can't
carry. I'm disrespectin' your seed. I would like to skeet on the face
of your seed. Now that's, that's real talk dawg. You have to come
holla at me now. Call me, I'll meet you somewhere, but don't act like
you were waiting in some parking lot with like 50 niggers. Please.

Now, again, to the woman, who carried that little mongrel for 9
months. ... I'm coming for your seed. Did you hear me? (*thump, thump,
thump* noise) I want to do an R. Kelly in the mouth of your seed fem?
You holla at me now I'm the easiest man in the world to find.
*snickers* And my name is The Hater. You holla back now, DJ Envy.

Star: Let me see now, uh, DJ Benji attention! In case you didn't hear
me, I said, I want to put some mayonnaise in between your baby girl's
ass crack and take a bite.

# # #

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