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June 14, 2006

Bill Cosby Goes After Hip-Hop Blogger

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill of playahata.com has a heck of a story about his run-in with Bill Cosby, who went on Atlanta radio to name Hill and Michael Eric Dyson as "hip-hop hustlers" after Hill published this op-ed about Cosby. Somebody please find the audio for this:

Bill Cosby declares war on “Hip hop Hustlers”

...Over the next few days, I did a series of radio interviews where I discussed the op-ed. In each interview, I reiterated both my respect for Dr. Cosby and my critique of his “Call Out” tour. Last Tuesday, I did a show in Atlanta with a Black conservative who decided that “he would put me in my place...”

A few minutes after the interview ended, I received a call from a friend in Atlanta. He told me, “Go on the internet and tune into the station. Bill Cosby just got on the radio and he’s talking about you!” ... asked what he was saying about me. He replied, “He’s calling you a liar and a hustler. He’s saying that you have a ‘hip-hop website’ and that you can’t be trying to help Black people with a ‘hip-hop website’”

I tuned back into the station to hear the end of Cosby’s diatribe. By this point, he and the host (who cosigned everything that Cosby said) were criticizing “the hustlers” who write about hip-hop and critique him at the same time. He explicitly named Michael Eric Dyson and me as two of the hustlers... My friend, who was on hold with the station, called me back via three-way and offered to let me speak to Cosby when it was his turn to speak. After a few minutes, I was on the air:

Hill: Hello. Dr. Cosby this isn’t [my friend]. This is actually Marc Lamont Hill. You were talking about me so I figured I’d call back so that we could talk.

Cosby: [clearly shocked and uncomfortable]: Yes?

(via nah right)

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