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June 13, 2006

Man Shoots Friend with 40 Cal While Listening to "40 Cal" by 40 Cal

I don't want to read too much into this, cuz it's surely more about this one person's negligence and irresponsiblity, and the tragedy of his friend's death, than whatever meaning we might extrapolate from the music they had on. But for these guys to treat guns so casually while listening to somebody treat guns so casually sure is a cringe-inducing coincidence*

New Orleans Man Shot By .40 Cal While Listening To Song With Same Name

Longtime friends near New Orleans, Louisiana were spending their time like many do: listening to music. Unfortunately, a tragedy took place on Thursday, June 8th when Ronnie Webber, 27, and Jonathan Beasley, 23, were listening to the Diplomats song "40 Cal ". The two men were looking at each other's guns when Webber playfully aimed the .40 Caliber gun at Beasley and pulled the trigger.

Webber told authorities that he did not check to see if the semi-automatic gun, which was recently purchased by Beasley, was loaded with ammunition. Immediately following the shot that struck Beasley in the chest, Webber called the police and attempted to perform CPR on his friend.

Webber was arrested for negligent homicide and was jailed following the fatal accident. Gabriella Webber, the shooter's mother, told The Times-Picayune, "It was an accident, but he has to be responsible." She continued with heartfelt words, stating, "There's not enough words for me to apologize for the silly decisions they made." She finished by warning others, "They are not a toy. The music is all that it is. Do not live the music. Guns are not a toy."

*assuming that detail is accurate..

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