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October 18, 2006

K'Naan "KickED PushED" Video

K'Naan tells the story of his crew's abuse at the hands of cops and bouncers in Sweden's Tradgarn arena, with a little footage of the incident included in the video:

(via Del Cowie)

Check below for details from K'Naan's online petition:

1. Having completed the show that evening they were leaving an area of Tradgarn venue when K’naan was shoved out the door by a security guard and told that they had to leave.

2. Confused by the security guard’s actions, Guy replied that they still had equipment and computers in the venue and needed to access another part of the venue in order to gather their things. In an effort to avoid further unprovoked physical assault Guy attempted to walk around the security guard. Rather than act in the professional manner required of his position, the security guard instead chose to rally his colleagues in violence.

3. While K’naan was restrained and assaulted by two security guards, Guy was dragged into a kitchen area by two other security guards and subsequently kicked and punched in the ribs, jaws, head and face.

4. He was then handcuffed and made to lie on a dirty floor littered with bits of glass.

5. The Gothenburg city police were called and upon their arrival took only the security guards statement and then arrested Guy without explaining what it was that he was being charged with.

6. Upon arrival at the police station Guy was strip-searched and incarcerated in a pitch black cell, isolated for approximately three hours before he was allowed to make his statement.

7. Guy remained in custody for approximately six hours in total at which point no charges were filed and he was released. While we are not privy to Swedish law, we view the actions of the Gothenburg police as unjust.

We feel that the action of the security guards of Tradgarn venue were not only unprofessional, arrogant and unjustifiably violent but also racist in nature. Guy and company were not random crowd-goers but performing artists contracted to work that evening! The disrespect, violence and racism demonstrated by the security guards of the venue can at no point be justified.

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 18, 2006 11:46 AM

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