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October 26, 2006

VH1 [Dis]Honors?

Some of our forefathers are not so happy with VH1:

VH1 Honors, Disrespecting the Pioneers? hiphopgame

"...They took it kind of Hollywood this year," agrees Jazzy Jay.

Pioneer DJ Disco Wiz is not as diplomatic. "Don't start off one year honoring four pioneers, then three and then one," he says. "The only thing you're telling me is that you're phasing us out."

VH1 may not just be phasing out Hip-Hop's pioneers on stage. This has not been the first time pioneers have had problems with getting into the event, but this year may have reached the tipping point. "We're all standing outside with our fingers up our asses waiting to get in. We shouldn't have to go through this," Joe Conzo says. "If they're doing something in the true essence of Hip-Hop, the first people you should take care of besides the honorees are the pioneers."

Apparently not all pioneers got the memo that they weren't welcome anymore. "This year was real crazy," begins Jazzy Jay. "They told DXT, 'We know who you are. The reason you didn't get any passes is because you weren't invited. How are you going to have a Hip-Hop Honors and not invite us? The first couple of years they were begging all of the pioneers to be there and be in place so it could add credibility to their function. This year you had people like Kurtis Blow, who should not have a problem at all, outside waiting to get in. Then you're watching somebody's intern from the office walk in with a laminate like they're being honored and they have clout. I thought that was an atrocity to see that happen. I had to leave people outside and tell them (VH1), 'You have people outside. You need to take care of them.' They said, 'We're trying.' I said, 'Don't try. Get these brothers and sisters in.' Sometimes the security goes overboard but it is what it is. It's like they're at this higher level now and they don't need us..."

Posted by jsmooth995 at October 26, 2006 11:44 AM

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