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June 5, 2007


The site you once knew as hiphopmusic.com has been assimilated. We appreciate the intelligent, rational, and educated insights and opinions that have been posted here over the years. However, over the next few days a few changes will be implemented. Any posts concerning anyone's opinion on the socio-political climate of hip hop and/or its effects notwithstanding on today's society on a whole will be immediately, permanently, and expeditiously destroyed and disposed of. Subject matter pertinent to the strategic repositioning and re-deployment of the site will consists of as follows:

- 24/7 Updates on the new live-action Transformers movie
- Constant speculation on all details of the new Star Wars TV series and guessing which
stars from the movie will make cameo appearances
- Projections of the 1st week sales of the Kids Incorported DVD box set.
- Reports on any and all advances in mobile communications such as Blackberry, Pocket
PCs and other gadgets.
- The occasional rap song that you haven't heard in 20 years and don't care that I have just
secured the recordings from the demo sessions to said song.
- More suprises to come!!

We hope that you appreciate our efforts to give a more universal and worldwide appeal, not to mention commercial viability, to our recently acquired acquisition.

Thank you for your time, patience, and consideration.
Please exit left.

The Megatron Don.

"Persistence always overcomes resistance" - Mr. Magic
"..those who resist further will be assimilated" - The Borg or something from Star Trek.

Posted by Donny at June 5, 2007 1:33 AM

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