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September 4, 2007

Kanye West Foundation

Kanye explaining the rationale behind his funding for programs that integrate hip-hop into public school systems:

If you can approach hip-hop from a standpoint of, “How did they put this together,” and get past the fact that they use profanity, realize that you are a reflection of your parents, more so then the music. Let’s get more into the music itself. How does Dr. Dre, a musical genious, layer all these sounds? What about engineering and Pro Tools and the poetry aspect? We can teach about hip-hop history, we can teach about legends, hip-hop theory. It’s been around so long that text books can be written about it. This is a perfect time to capitalize on and get kids excited about [music] education.

More details on his Kanye West Foundation here:

Hip Hop Superstar Kanye West Combats School Drop Out Rate Through Hip Hop Music

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On Friday, August 24th, the Kanye West Foundation, with title sponsors Ariel Capital Management and Strong American Schools, held its inaugural benefit concert and auction in Chicago. The foundation is a California based non profit, dedicated to combating the severe drop out rate in secondary schools by providing music production programs that motivate students and compel them to stay in school. The foundation partners with schools and community organizations to provide underserved youth access to such programs.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Kanye West Foundation programs, particularly Loop Dreams, its signature initiative, which aims to create a curriculum that combines core subjects with aspects of hip hop.

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