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October 10, 2007

Prodigy Gets 3.5 Years For Gun Charge

Damn. This seems like it could have been avoided. But before I make too many judgements about P's choices that led up to this, I gotta acknowledge that 1) it is understandable that Prodigy would feel it necessary to have protection, and 2) being a convicted felon makes it difficult to do so legally (according to my very non-comprehensive understanding, at least). So Prodigy's choices were not as easy as they might seem. And it's a pretty clear-cut case of the Hip-Hop Police harassing and messing someone's life up without serving any purpose as far as protecting the public, or whatever their job is supposed to be.

Still, especially given that everybody knows this type of scrutiny is going on, seems like this could have been avoided.

Prodigy pleads guilty, gets 3.5 years daily news

Rapper Prodigy pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a loaded gun Tuesday in a deal that will put him behind bars for the next 3-1/2 years.

The 32-year-old Queens native interrupted his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court to admit to owning the unlicensed .22-caliber pistol found in an armrest of his bulletproofed Chevy Suburban last October in Chelsea.

Prodigy was busted on the gun charge after cops stopped him for making an illegal U-turn on Ninth Ave.

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