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April 12, 2008

Canadian Government Discriminating Against Hip-Hop

We've posted before (or at least talked on the radio) about Canada's efforts to subsidize local musicians, putting government money into helping local voices shine.. but this article says the system may be slanted against hip-hoppers?

Hip hop gets bad rap from federal funders, documents suggest

Only four hip-hop acts received federal grants in 2007 according to documents from the Canadian Council for the Arts, making it the least-funded genre last year. Hip-hop music dominates Canadian record sales and radio play. Currently, on Billboard's top 100 chart, four out of the top five singles can be classified as hip-hop recordings. Dance classes are chock-full of middle-aged wannabes eager to stay hip and fit. With thriving scenes in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, notable hip-hop artists have also started popping up in cities such as Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax.

But documents obtained under the Access to Information Act from the CCA indicate that the genre might still not be accepted by the federal agency committed to encouraging the arts...

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