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April 5, 2008

Lil Wayne Working On His Syrup Addiction

I hope he's serious:

Lil Wayne Trying To Get Over His Syrup Addiction


Lil Wayne, known to carry Styrofoam cups around constantly, is finally taking the steps necessary to get himself off the southern cocktail known as Syrup, or sizzurp. Syrup is a beloved but dangerous combination of Promethazine, Codeine and a mixer (usually juice or soda) that has grown in popularity in the south and was originally made famous by Wayne and other southern rappers. DJ Screw, who ultimately died from the habit.

"I saw a doctor - he gave me pills, told me, 'This is what you take to get off it,'" Wayne said. "I never tried them. If them b**ches work, then I probably gotta start. Other than that, it's gonna be hard. What a n*gga told me to do is start lessening my amount. So what I do, I tell motherf*ckers as to pour it for me instead of me pouring it...I be patient.'" As told to Vibe Magazine (May 2008 Issue)

Most recently, Syrup contributed the death of Pimp C, one half of the rap duo, UGK. While the substance itself wasn't the culprit, the combination of it and having sleep apnea proved to be deadly for the Grammy nominated rapper.

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