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April 26, 2008

Prince "Turn Me Loose" on Jay Leno - Lyrics / Video

Prince's appearance on Jay Leno last night, singing "Turn Me Loose".. enjoy while you can, cuz this video may not live 2 C the dawn if you know what I'm saying. (I see you Londell!)

The lyrics are below, which are pretty damn raunchy, almost remind me of G Rap "Talk Like Sex. And it's not one of Prince's fake-outs like "lets have sex, and by have sex I mean read the bible."

P went a long while without taking it there, but after Black Sweat, Glasscutter and now this, seems like he's easing up on the super-sanctified steez just a bit. How does Larry Graham feel about this?

Prince "Turn Me Loose" Lyrics

you don't really know me you just think you do
it's against the law in 13 states what i'm gonna do to you

oh baby you got to Turn Me Loose
if you really love me you got to give me what i need
or get your stuff and get cuz i'll just make you bleed

the board behind your head, about to split in two
whatever's holding up this bed'll be here when I'm through

oh baby you got to Turn Me Loose
if you like these blankets you better throw them on the floor
the weather girl's a friend of mine, cuz when it rains it pours

oh baby you got to Turn Me Loose
turn me loose now..

you don't understand, I don't do this nightly
but if I get it once you'll want me to, more than likely

oh baby you got to Turn Me Loose
i'm much too hard to handle, we could never be more than friends
speaking of which you need to leap out of bed, and never come back again

oh baby you got to Turn Me Loose
Renato, speak brother
Prince "Turn Me Loose" Lyrics

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