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May 12, 2008

"Hiding in Hip-Hop" - New Book on Gays in Hip-Hop

Would be great to see this open up some discussion and thought on the issue, just hope it doesn't lead us down the same old gossipy "who's the gay rapper?!??1?" path.. the tone of coverage so far, focusing on "secrets" being "exposed" etc, makes me worry a bit:

Gays In Hip-Hop Exposed, New Memoir Tells All

Following in the footsteps of Karrine Steffans, former MTV producer Terrence Dean has written a memoir unmasking the secret gay culture in the world of hip-hop.

Hiding in Hip- Hop documents his encounters with some of hip-hop's biggest names as well as his own tumultuous upbringing. Raised by his grandmother, Dean lost his mother, [a drug-addicted prostitute] and both of his younger brothers to the AIDS virus.

Unlike Steffans, Dean protects the identities of those mentioned in Hiding in Hip Hop. As to why, Dean said, "I have no desire to ruin anyone's dreams or careers. That's not why I'm writing this book. What I'm truly hoping for is the start of a real conversation about why, in this very contemporary day and age, we as black people are still made to feel that we cannot be comfortable in our skin?"

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