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May 2, 2008

Jay-Z Sets up Trust Fund for Sean Bell's Kids

People often complain about hip-hop not showing up for things like this, but rap citizens have stepped up in a variety of ways on this one. Not that any rap philanthropy is enough to bring solace or justice here.

Jay-Z Sets Up Trust Fund for Sean Bell Children

Rapper Jay-Z has established an education trust fund for the children of Sean Bell - the man who was shot and killed by New York police on the day of his wedding, according to reports from AllHipHop.

The Hip-Hop mogul, born Shawn Carter, has close ties to the case, as ads from his "I Will Not Lose" Rocawear campaign featured the children's mother, Nicole Paultre-Bell, who married her fiance posthumously. The woman's participation in the ad sparked outrage and accusations of trial tampering.

A source close to the matter told AllHipHop that the process of setting up the fund began before the trial that recently acquitted three NYPD detectives on all charges related to the death. Activity was suspended during the trial and has now resumed.

The stock-based fund will mature when Jada, 5, and Jordan, 1, become adults.

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