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August 20, 2008

Q Tip Twitter-Ethers Spin Magazine

Q Tip was one of the first artists/celebs to start using twitter (and actually doing it himself, not sending in his intern), and although his tweet output has been sporadic he's back on it today with a vengeance. Seems he's not too happy with the recent feature about him in Spin magazine:

I just wanna say on record... FUCK SPIN MAGAZINE!!

I never ran a "hollywood set" and if that is ur main heading 4 me after a 18yr career yall have been to busy sucking up to the psuedo-hip sets...

Yall get a bunch of folks to try to shit on black artist ( d 'angelo, ms. Hill) and get one folk to try to shit on me...

I rarely read shit on myself but was forced to and yall really don't give a fuck..

I never went anywhere I'm comfortable and I'm good ... Oh and once again FUCK SPIN!

"Will I be welcomed back as an M.C. Elder" please!!! I won't pull rank but yall know what the fuck it is...

I'm sorry yall but I just had to let yall know that spin is a b rated cracked magazine and I'm sure.. They will continue to shit on me by way of reviews, ect.. So kick rocks

Posted by jsmooth995 at August 20, 2008 5:36 PM

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