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January 17, 2009

Saigon Ethers Himself? (Joe Budden Diss "Underachiever")

Saigon and Joe Budden are both good emcees, and I'm all in favor of battling if you keep it on wax on mp3. But I don't think it's a good look for Saigon to take these cheap shots and Joe Budden's girl in his new dis aimed at Joe budden, "Underachiecer," and especially the shots Saigon takes at his son. Saigon should have learned from Jay-Z's mistake when he went after Nas with the shots about Carmen and "leaving condoms in your baby seat." Some things are too far out of bounds, and just make you look like the smaller man. Especially when you are an artist who aspires to be righteous.

Video/audio below for Saigon's Joe Budden diss track "Underachiever." Hopefully this is just his warmup round and he'll come stronger in the next round, if there is one. And again, please keep it on "wax." If I want to see some sloppy fighting video I'll get a bootleg stream of the next UFC.

Posted by jsmooth995 at January 17, 2009 9:47 PM

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