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June 22, 2009

Gza & Other Rappers Cursing Too Much In Toronto

See this is why gossip columnists are not safe in TO anymore, all these negative rap influences..

GZA & The Cool Kids @ Yonge-Dundas Square
With Cool Kids, Candy Coated Killahz, Ninjasonik


After last night’s NXNE main stage hip-hop showcase at Yonge-Dundas Square, the Canadian Border Services Agency may have found another pretext to tighten its restrictions on rappers entering the country. Yes, a (non-fatal) stabbing occurred right after GZA’s set. And yes, the Genius’ lyrics contain many references to samurais, swords, and drug wars. But is there really a connection between the two?

After all, rather than glorifying street violence, GZA’s music portrays the perilous criminological realities of inner-city life (see: “Cold World”). Pointing the finger at MC’s is easy, but it would be unreasonable to suggest hip-hop shows beget violence. It’s really ignorance (or in this particular case, a petty schoolyard-level squabble) that begets violence. (And before any racial profilers out there get boners, the suspect in custody is Asian).

However, there is one generalization we can agree upon: where there is a hip-hop show, there is usually also profane language. Last night, it seemed NXNE’s organizers were unfamiliar with this axiom, as they were continuously thrown in a tizzy every time a rapper spat vulgarities over the PA system (we were in a public area, after all). Perhaps they also hadn’t heard Ninjasonik’s music before agreeing to let them play the bill. With frequently obscene lyrics like “Fucked with a slut and I fucked with a star, sorry for the fucks I forget who you are,” MCs Reverend McFly and Telli Gramz inevitably received several warnings to cease dropping the f-bomb or be forced to leave the stage. (Think about the children!) ...

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