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July 21, 2009

Mumbai Attack Suspect Admits Role

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The one gunman who survived the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai was due to begin trial this week, and was expected to plead not guilty. But when the time came for him to enter his pleas, he shocked pretty much everyone by telling the judge he admits his guilt in the attack. Apparently he gave a statement with lots of detail about the plot, including how they all traveled over from Pakistan. But some are saying the guilty plea in the Mumbai train bombings may have been forced, and might change again before the trial is done?

Mumbai Attack Suspect Admits Role

"...The admission stunned the court and Judge M L Tahiliyani called lawyers from both sides to work out the significance of Kasab's statement. If the confession holds up, it will be a boost to India's claims that terror groups in Pakistan were behind the attack, which left more than 170 people dead – nine of them the gunmen – and severely strained relations between the two nuclear-armed countries. Kasab is charged on 86 counts, including waging war against India, murder and possessing explosives..."

Mumbai Attack Suspect Admits Role

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