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November 2, 2011

Rick Ross Says Seizures Were From "Not Getting Enough Rest"? (VIDEO)

The Bawse spoke for the first time about his health scare last week, when he was hospitalized after two serious seizures within hours of each other. Not taking enough naps, though? Not sure what to make of that explanation, though as mentioned in the HuffPo link it's not out of left field to link seizures with lack of sleep (for people with epilepsy):

"Sleep activates the electrical charges in the brain that result in seizures and seizures are timed according to the sleep wake cycle. For some people, seizures occur exclusively during sleep. This is especially true for a particular type of epilepsy known as benign focal epilepsy of childhood, also known as Rolandic epilepsy. When seizures occur during sleep, they may cause awakenings that are sometimes confused with insomnia. Epilepsy patients are often unaware of the seizures that occur while they sleep. They may suffer for years from daytime fatigue and concentration problems without ever knowing why. For people with epilepsy, sleep problems are a double-edged sword; epilepsy disturbs sleep and sleep deprivation aggravates epilepsy."

Whatever they may say for public consumption I hope that behind the scenes Ross and his people are taking this seriously, and putting thought into his health and well-being.

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New Common Single "Sweet" (Beat by NO I.D.)

As one of the Rap Radar commenters said, "This is the Common the republicans were scared of." I wouldn't mind a bit less of the "make sure you know I'm still a macho man" ad-lib tough talk, but still a cool track overall. Always happy to hear NO I.D. on the production. (via RapRadar)

Joan Morgan on Marriage

"We don't really seem to analyze the fact that marriage is a complicated institution as it exists in the 21st Century precisely because it was never designed historically to be about romantic love. It was very financially based, and church-based. It fed the church's need to consistently support and reproduce itself. Maybe the question is not "Why can't I get married?" but 'Does marriage, in the way that it exists, with no revision possible, fulfill who we are in the 21st Century?' Or is there another way to form productive long-lasting meaningful relationships?"

-Three Feminists Talk About The Media's Obsession With Unwed Black Women

Justin Bieber vs. Riff-Raff: Battle of the Frightening "Otis" Freestyles

Out of the many freestyles that have come out over Kanye and Jay-Z's "Otis" (including a pointed rebuttal from Chuck D), perhaps none are more ominous than these two that dropped recently.

The first is former White Rapper Show contestant and current BFF of V-Nasty, Riff-Raff. He clearly wins for most awkward usage of the word "boysenberry" in a verse. Then today we saw the arrival of this Justin Bieber take on the track. Bieber has been looking for chances to flex his freestyle muscles for a while now, and reportedly got kicked out of BET's cypher when DJ Premier found out he had Ludacris ghostwriting for him. Check out their best efforts below if you dare, and see if you can pick a winner.

Riff-Raff "Otis" Freestyle

Justin Bieber "Otis" Freestyle

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