March 4, 2006

Krumping Video (Featuring Little Kid Krumping)

BTW wikipedia is mad helpful sometimes, I wasn't clear on all this before (assuming it's accurate):

Krumping (not Krunk-ing) is often confused with Clowning, the two are related by form and origin, and vaguely by style, but differences are visible. They share the same basic speed, and a similar movement pattern (which is the rapid rhythmic bobbling and jerking of the body, as well as the intermittent flex of the spine and out pressed chest, which may be called "the krump" or a "bobble bounce").

Krumping, however, is a more sinister and aggressive dance form, and is intended as an expression of anger, or a release of reservoired/"pent-up" emotion, through violent, exaggerated, and dramatic moves. High variation, individuality, and movement around the foundation of the krump or the bobble bounce is the focus of the art. It must be said that the current focal point of the dance (2006) and its differentiation from Clowning is becoming centralized around the elimination of the use of sexual or erotic movement (such as twerking, booty popping, freaking, snaking and winding), especially in the case of males. In particular the terminology used is popping cakes (cakes being the buttocks). This is currently conscidered "the" taboo when Krumping. It may also be heard as poppin bakes, this difference is due to the gang culture pervasive in california. In a CRIP hood b words (words beginning with or often containing the letter b) may not be said or must be altered, and in a BLOOD hood c words are taboo. So cakes becomes Bakes, and boulevard C-comes Coulevard (pronounced Soulevard).

The belief that Krump dancers engage in face-painting is also a grave misconception. This is a Clown practice and as Clowning and Krumping have been mixed and misrepresented in their introduction to the public through music videos of artists such as Missy Elliott it has been associated with Krump by default, but it is a matter of choice and is practiced only occasionally by a small percentage of the Krump community. In fact the relation between the two may be a result of the movie RIZE, which documented the founders and other initial practitioners of krump in their earlier days. This was during the infancy of Krump as an art form separate from Clowning, and thus the footage was from a time when the krump kings themselves were actually evolving from clowners into krumpers as we now know them, and their modified use of face paint served as a visual indication of this. It should be noted that the style and the cultural significance of this painting primarily as it was used within the Krumping movement (especially the early period) and the subsequent addoption of that (early Krump) specific design style within Clowning itself, has moved beyond the mere circus Clown image to symbolize ceremonial African war or dance paint. This could signify the development of a third school, a school of a darker or more aggressive nature within Clowning, but still remaining Clown oriented. In Clowning itself, there are older Clown'ers who have Krump-similar styles but are still very Clown associated and loyal to that school.

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Whats the song that gets played in this?

Posted by: angrylegs at March 14, 2006 9:22 PM

Yea..whats the song?

Posted by: Abbe at March 20, 2006 11:21 PM

its the instrumental of DMX - Get in on the floor

Posted by: angrylegs at March 23, 2006 5:59 AM

Krump dancing is the best kind of daning ever,and great workout.

Posted by: leah at August 13, 2006 3:25 AM

Krumpin is hot of the chart breaking it down spitting it out and i cant get enough im just learning but i would like to add some girl flava in with some fem feel but hard out shit because i havent yet seen any local girls bust it yet so im getting cause im hooked!

Posted by: Melody at August 18, 2006 4:44 AM

hey yo that was tight when the little boy was krumping on a kruping video .WAT

Posted by: sarah at November 13, 2006 1:09 AM