March 21, 2006

Liza Minnelli Bugging Out on Larry King

This isn't as wild as I was told to expect, actually.. just cuz you have a (very very) hearty laugh doesn't make you crazy!

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She's a wack job. Look out Judy, Liza's on her way!

Posted by: Jerry Willar at March 30, 2006 12:47 PM

Liza Minnelli was one of the biggest talents around back in the late sixties and throughout the seventies. Few could sing and dance like Liza in her prime, except of course for her mother, the mega-talented Judy Garland.
People who say that Liza is nuts (after watching her on Larry King Live in March of 2006, are those who merely like to put down others who have accomplished a great deal in ther lives. Just because Liza has a rather hearty laugh and bombastic personality (at least on-screen) hardly makes her a candidate for mental health help, nor does it diminish her contributions to the world of shob-biz entertainment. Also, people who make outlandish statements about how she guzzles liquor or smokes tons of cigarettes, are merely flapping their gums. They don't know what she does in her private moments, and these folks are generally jealous of anyone who has talent, an unusual and flamboyant personality, etc.Why these people carp is beyond me, as they are never going to have to get together with Liza, etc., and if she bothers them so much why on earth did they bother tuning in to Larry King in March 2006 when he had her on his show? (Rhetorical) Thanks to Liza for her many fine performances and adding a bit of spicy sparkle to King's show! My suggestion to the constant carpers is, if you don't like Liza, then don't watch her in the future. Simple!

Posted by: C. McCurdy at April 9, 2006 12:03 AM