May 24, 2006

Pearl Jam "Life Wasted" Video

That rarest video event of all, a new visual offering from Pearl Jam:

Pearl Jam "Life Wasted" Video (J Records) videostatic

Fernando Apodaca, director | Eddie Vedder & Jason Mueller, producers | Ananda & Jess MacDonald, DPs | Jason Mueller, editor |

Description: When Pearl Jam retreated from the music video world in the wake of their massively successful "Jeremy" clip, many considered it a supremely foolish and self defeating move. It's now 15 years later and nearly every other band that was lumped into the Seattle grunge scene has long since imploded, while Pearl Jam is still actively making music. "Life Wasted" is the first Pearl Jam video since 1998's "Do The Evolution" which was an exclusively animated affair directed by Todd McFarlane. This clip seems to be a by-product of photography sessions for their new album artwork, but it's nonetheless the kind of organic, low-key video that lets the band maintain their credibility while tiptoeing back into this visu al medium. Also attesting to band's cred is the fact that the video is currently available for free download at Google Video through May 24 and is licensed for free distribution and broadcast through a Creative Commons license.

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