May 15, 2006

SNL: President Al Gore Addresses the Nation

Al Gore speaking from the Oval Office, after winning the 2000 Election and getting re-elected in 2004:

"When SNL does political satire and commentary right, they really can hit the ball out of the park. The set-up? We're in a parallel universe, Al Gore was elected President in the 2000 election and he was re-elected in 2004. So what's our world like? Global warming has been stopped but the price we pay is renegade glaciers encroaching on Michigan. We have a gas surplus and it only costs 19ยข a gallon thanks to President Gore's mandate that all cars run on trash. Thanks Doc Brown. Welfare and Social Security are fixed and there's an $11 trillion dollar budget surplus. Plus we have an anti-hurricane and tornado national defense machine. It goes on. That's what you need to do, we need to laugh. It was great Al Gore agreed to come on and do this segment."
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