June 6, 2006

Stevie Wonder's Sesame Street Song, 1972

Is it any wonder (no pun intended) that music was so much better back in the days, considering that kids back then grew up on music like this and then the next generation grew up on Barney?

Posted at June 6, 2006 1:37 AM | TrackBack

i would hvae liked some harmonica and some real singing from stevie but the shots of the kids dancing were dope

Posted by: Vilens at June 6, 2006 10:01 AM

OMG ... effortlessly funky and FIERCE!

Posted by: Donald at June 6, 2006 7:58 PM

Gotta love Stevie!! Weren't the 70's great?!

Posted by: Stephanie at June 23, 2006 4:21 AM

That is funktastic, tight as hell band and 'fros, and as for the talkbox action OMG... kids these days are missing the &^*% out

Posted by: Jarrod at July 7, 2006 10:47 AM

best. video. ever.

Only thing that could have made it a better is if Pres. Bush was standing to the side waving at Stevie.

Posted by: kevjohn at July 18, 2006 4:26 PM