October 20, 2006

Beck "Cell Phone's Dead" Video

Directed by my man Michel Gondry, so not surprisingly a pretty awesome video, for Beck's new single "Cell Phone's Dead." I'm trying to pretend I never found out he's a Scientologist, so I may fully enjoy this.

from director-file:

Michel's next Beck video, Cell Phone's Dead, has already been shot. I have been told there is still a considerable amount of post production work left to do. I have also seen the treatment, and someday I'll be able to post it online.

Like most of Michel's work, Cell Phone's Dead will be a (black-and-white) mind-bender - a video that is perhaps closest akin to the enigmatic, somewhat haunting surrealism in his and Pierre Bismuth's The All Seeing Eye. Cell Phone's Dead will look like a one-take video, but it will certainly not be one. But the effects won't be post-heavy; there is a conscious effort here to make the surreal real.

The video's cinematographer was Shawn Kim. Post is being supervised by Louis Morin at Fly Studio. This is the second video to be produced by Raffi Adlan - King of the Game was his first.

According to my source, Beck and Michel have a long-time personal friendship and were very excited to be able to finally coordinate their schedules once again and regroup for this video. Their first collaboration, of course, was Deadweight in 1997. Indeed, Beck and Michel have tried several times to do a video together, but there was always a conflict (Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep, Beck's tour, Beck's son's birth, etc..). They both made a great effort to make this video happen no matter what, even though there were conflicts this time as well...

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