October 17, 2006

UFC 64: Rich Franklin vs. Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Takes out Rich Franklin at the latest UFC this weekend, a nice clip if you enjoy seeing people catching knees in the face. Grab it while you can, UFC is taking these down quick fast lately.

After a seven-month layoff due to a broken hand, Rich Franklin made his return against dangerous Brazilian striker Anderson Silva. And Silva did not let his first title shot get away.

He took apart Franklin with numerous knees to the stomach and face to knock out the former champion in just 2:59 into the first round to pick up the middleweight crown and stun the near sellout crowd at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night at UFC 64.

"It's hard to talk about the fight with the emotions that are running through me," Silva (18-4) said. "Franklin was a great fighter and a great champion, and I am happy to walk away with the belt."

Silva's striking was not overlooked by Franklin (22-2). But it was underestimated.

"I'm sorry I could not put on a good show," Franklin said. "I will go home and heal up, and get back into training."

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