November 14, 2006

Microsoft Zune Gets Clowned on CNN

Ouch. CNN American Morning plays the Microsoft Zune like a sucker, along with the NY Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin.. I'm no ipod fan but heir anti-zune gripes are pretty convincing.

Microsoft Zune Gets Getting Dissed on CNN

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Are you kidding me? That was nothing but a commercial paid for by Apple! I laughed my ass off at that entire clusterfuck - they did more to push the Zune than any MS commercials I have seen yet! "Why would I want something so 'clunky'? Oh sure it has WiFi....more memory...a screen..." (it's in an entirely different product genre, you space cadet!)

CNN and the schmoe from NYT made complete fools of themselves.

Posted by: PK Bear at December 20, 2006 2:11 PM