April 16, 2008

Tricia Walsh Smith Youtube Divorce Video

Below is the now infamous youtube video from Tricia Walsh Smith, screaming on her husband who's trying to evict her as part of their divorce. Is this all just viral marketing for an upcoming Tricia Walsh Smith divorce themed reality show?

Tricia Walsh Smith Smith Divorce Video


By now we've all heard of the so-called "YouTube divorce" video, where playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith rants about how little she gets in the event of a divorce from her wealthy husband Philip J. Smith, a Broadway theater mogul. Occasionally tearing up, she reveals that she is about to be "evicted" from her apartment because of a clause in her ill-advised pre-nup. Then Walsh-Smith offers the YouTube viewing public a whole bunch of so-called dirt, such as that Smith owned Viagra, dirty magazines, and prophylactics, even though she says they "never had sex" because of his heart condition. There's a vague reference to Smith having allegedly "hacked" his wife's computer -- but what the Sam heck does that mean?

This video doesn't herald a new era in divorce, where spouses humiliate each other online instead of hashing out their differences in the living room or in court. As is eminently clear from the planning and execution of the youtube video -- which is clearly edited by someone who knew what they were doing -- this is a performance piece by a theater professional. Even down to the "prepare for a sequel" message at the end: "Will Poor, Vulnerable Tricia be Evicted? Or Will Mean Bad Husband do the Right Thing? Stay Tuned!"

Tricia Walsh Smith Smith Youtube Divorce Video

Posted at April 16, 2008 5:19 PM

this has come up on youtube in response in the last day or so


Posted by: ash at April 21, 2008 2:45 PM