August 7, 2008

Anderson Cooper Dissing Lohan Family (Video)

Video of Anderson Cooper dissing the Living Lohan, Lohan family show.. Anderson could have phrased it more kindly, but is anybody really going to argue with his assessment of the show?

Anderson Cooper Dissing Lohan Family (Video)

Anderson Cooper is in the middle of a verbal war with the Lohan family after comments he made about them on Wednesday. While standing in for host Regis Philbin on the "Regis and Kelly" Show, Cooper said that he cannot stand the E! reality show "Living Lohan" and called it a "train wreck". "I cannot believe I am wasting a minute of my life, watching these horrific people," Cooper said.

Cooper, the host of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360", said that he never heard of the Lohans as a family, but that Lindsay Lohan is the reason that her mother Dina has a show. Ali Lohan, Lindsay's younger sister, is "allegedly a 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60 I say that with concern and love," Anderson said. "She allegedly wants to be a singer and or actor-slash-performer of some sort, striptease person, I don't know."

"[Ali] is perfectly nice and I feel bad for her, but at 14 and she's out there," says Cooper. Ali's parents snapped back at Cooper. "People are just cruel! This is bad karma for him," Dina Lohan said in OK! Magazine. Cooper and CNN correspondent Erica Hill joked on-air about the fact that Dina made a statement in OK! Magazine instead of call CNN directly. Cooper said that this is probably because she didn't see it live, since "Regis and Kelly" is on early and "she was out clubbing" and "was probably just rolling home" when it aired at 9 am.

"I think Anderson Cooper is an opinionated, hypocritical idiot who should be an adult and keep his opinion to himself," said Michael Lohan to Access. "He is the last person to judge anyone, when he and his own family have their own issues."

Anderson Cooper Dissing Lohan Family (Video)

Posted at August 7, 2008 5:59 PM