September 7, 2008

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO)

Video of Dan Henderson's victory by decision over Rousimar Palhares at UFC 88.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO) link

Dan Henderson (Pictures) entered UFC 88 on Saturday at Philips Arena in Atlanta staring at the possibility of three straight losses.

Worse yet, Rousimar Palhares (Pictures) is the caliber of opponent who could very well have handed him that third consecutive defeat. The 28-year-old Brazilian Top Team standout wasn’t well known entering the middleweight bout, but those who had seen him fight knew he could give Henderson trouble.

Right away each man’s strategy was clear. Palhares, wanting the fight on the ground, initiated the action with a takedown attempt. Henderson, wanting to stay on the feet, stuffed the shot and fed Palhares a right hand to the jaw.

Henderson, 38, fighting out of Team Quest in Temecula, Calif., punished Palhares for his failed takedowns. An uppercut dropped the Brazilian at one point, but his chin held up and sent the fight into the second round.

That stanza arguably went to Palhares, who wasn’t just shooting for takedowns. He used an unorthodox kicking game off scrambles to keep Henderson guessing and occasionally sucking air after catching a shin into his gut. Palhares also planted the lifelong wrestler on his back in the second round with a thudding slam, then quickly went to work on a heel hook that might have tapped a lesser opponent.

Henderson escaped, though, and shrugged off the danger after the fight.

“My knee was pretty much out the whole time,” he said. “I knew that I didn’t want to sit there, but I also knew that he really didn’t have it.”

Moments after the submission attempt, Henderson was back on his feet and countering takedowns with uppercuts that perhaps won him the round.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 (VIDEO)

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