October 19, 2008

Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben, UFC 89 (VIDEO)

Below the summary is the video of Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben at UFC 89

Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben, UFC 89 (VIDEO)

UFC 89 co-headliners Michael Bisping and Chris Leben knew exactly what was at stake ahead of their UFC 89 clash Saturday at the National Indoor Arena.

Despite a pre-fight promise of fireworks though, the two warriors served up an interesting rather than explosive affair, resulting in a deserved unanimous verdict for Bisping.

Partisan didn’t quite sum up the atmosphere inside the National, as Bisping (17-1) was predictably greeted with a reception fit for fistic royalty. Leben (18-5) was, for his part, the recipient of a less than stellar welcome from the 10,000 plus in attendance.

In the early going, it was the newly sculpted Leben who made headway and looked the more physically imposing of the two. Working a slow, steady low kick, he displayed constant forward motion, already looking impervious to the sharp counters of the quicker Bisping.

At the halfway point of the first, Bisping began to get on track, scoring with a nice one-two, followed by a leg kick before missing with a superman punch. Bisping eventually found more room to work his sharp counters and actively avoided Leben’s left hand and clubbing hooks. Leben landed the odd left to keep it competitive, but Bisping’s speed edged him out the round...

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