January 17, 2009

Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Mark Coleman, UFC 93 (VIDEO)

Mauricio Shogun Rua defeats Mark Coleman at UFC 93 (VIDEO) source

Round 1
Coleman takes a low kick before ripping Rua to the floor. With Rua pinned against the cage, Coleman trees off with punches. Rua gets out of harms way and stands with the former heavyweight champion. Coleman muscles Rua back down to the floor in the center of the Octagon. Rua looks for a kneebar and a triangle. Rua gets to his feet and trips Coleman to the floor. Rua easily passes to side control. Rua isolates an arm for a submission but he gives it up to elbow the head. Coleman gets to his feet, where he eats two low kicks. Coleman lands a right hand and is hit with a left hand and a knee to the body. With his hands down from exhaustion, Coleman is dropped with a right hand. Rua pounces but Coleman is game as he survives and gets to his feet. Coleman takes a knee to the chest before the round ends.

Mauricio shogun Rua vs Mark Coleman round1
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Round 2
A tired Coleman takes two low kicks and a hard left hook. Just when it looked as if was game over, Coleman slams Rua hard to the floor. Coleman has Rua pinned against the fence, but he is unable to get off before Rua gets to his feet. From the Thai plum, Rua lands a low kick and a standing elbow. Rua connects with a straight right to the body. Coleman is so tired that he’s barely moving. He just stands and eats punishment to his legs and to the face with glancing punches. Rua gets a little wild and ends up slipping. Rua gets to his feet showing a little fatigue and is taken back down by Coleman. Rua goes for an omaplata and it’s deep. Coleman rolls over to a safe place, but the hold on his arm is still pinning him to the floor. The round ends with the omaplata still applied.

Round 3
Coleman backs Rua away with a hard body shot. Rua steps backwardsand then forward with a left hook. Coleman works for a single along the fence and gets a takedown. To the body with his right hand goes the Buckeye. Coleman passes to half-guard with Rua’s arm pinned under the leg. Rua improves his position and goes for a heel hook. Coleman escapes and puts Rua back to the floor. From Rua’s back, Coleman hits the head with both hands. Rua gets to his feet and knees the body. Referee Kevin Mulhall incorrectly declares it an illegal blow to the head and issues a warning. Once action is resumed, Rua connects with a right uppercut and a left hook that send Coleman to the ground. Mulhall steps in to save Coleman at 4:36 of the third. Coleman complains about the stoppage, but it was legit.

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