January 25, 2009

VIDEO: Vitor Belfort vs Matt Lindland KO

Nasty knockout by Vitor Belfort over Matt Lindland last night, full video. Glad to read that Lindland is okay.

VIDEO: Vitor Belfort vs Matt Lindland KO source

Vitor Belfort scored his biggest win in years by knocking out Matt Lindland in 37 seconds.

Nicknamed “The Phenom” for the speed and punching power he demonstrated as a 19-year-old heavyweight in the UFC, Belfort, now 31 and rebuilt as a middleweight, floored Lindland with a left hand to his chin and finished him with follow-up strikes on the ground.

Lindland had led with a left hook that opened him up. Belfort was too quick and too accurate with his own left, and after his punches landed it took Lindland some time to regain consciousness. Eventually, however, the Olympic silver medalist in Greco Roman wrestling removed a neck brace that had been placed on him and he walked out on his own power.

“I came to compete and to take over this weight division,” said Belfort, who improved to 18-8. “I’m too fast, I think. … The speed and the accuracy, I kind find the spot right away. Matt is a predictable fighter. I caught him and I just kept going. Speed is the key. You can’t beat speed.”

VIDEO: Vitor Belfort vs Matt Lindland KO

VIDEO: Vitor Belfort vs Matt Lindland

Posted at January 25, 2009 7:12 AM