February 4, 2009

American Idol 8 Hollywood Week, Round 1 (Video)

American Idol 8 Hollywood Week, Round 1 (Video)

Tonight (February 3) was round 1 of Hollywood on American Idol… and, as expected, emotions ran high and nerves got the best of a lot of the wannabes. Here’s the American Idol Hollywood week recap:

First, we got the rundown on the Kodak Theater and the 147 auditioners that made it through. They go through an Idol Boot Camp with surprise mentor Barry Manilow.

Some highlights:
Lil Rounds - she made a big impression at the Hollywood audition and gets a standing o, good judge feedback. Lil moves on.
Dennis Brigham - Simon doesn’t think anyone will take him seriously. End of the road for Dennis.
Nathaniel Marshall - Paula said he’s talented but it was a poor song choice; he has an emotional explanation and makes it through.
Anoop Desai - gets a yes.
Jasmine Murray - Kara says she has “raw natural talent” and she makes it to round two.
Rose Flack - her rehearsals didn’t go well and she’s struggling to find her own voice, but she makes it through.

American Idol 8 Hollywood Week, Round 1 (Video)

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