February 17, 2009

Boli: Details on A-rod's Steroid of Choice

The A-rod soap opera continues:

Boli: Alex Rodriguez' Steroid of Choice


The Alex Rodriguez circus is just wrapping up in Tampa. The main bit of new information coming from it is A-Rod’s explanation of Boli, which is what, specifically, he took from ’01-’03.

He said it was a drug that is sold over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic and on the streets is called Boli. Perhaps Boli is short for Primobolan, a drug he reportedly tested positive for in ’03. He claims his understanding of the drug Boli was that it provided an energy boost and had no side effects. The Boli drug was brought into the States by his cousin, and the two injected each other with it about twice a month.

Aside from that, he claimed to have experimented with Ripped Fuel while in Seattle, a product that you could find at any GNC that has since been banned by MLB. And he denied ever taking Human Growth Hormone...
Boli: Alex Rodriguez' Steroid of Choice

Posted at February 17, 2009 7:01 PM