February 22, 2009

The Breatharian Diet!

It totally works! As long as you also eat food. Ok I guess that means it doesn't work.

The Breatharian Diet

There will always be some sort of diet trend, but this one is out of this world and simply outrageous! It's called the Breatharian Diet. Yes, if you guessed correctly, it's a diet based on air! Did you fall off your seat laughing?!

This diet is an idea that people can survive only on air - no food and possibly no water. It sounds so extreme I had to look into it, and this is what I found...

Breatharian, also know as Inedia, isan extreme spiritual concept that comes from eastern aestheticism(primarily Hinduism). The concept is that people don't need food, butcan survive entirely on air (or perhaps sunlight or "prana" [lifeforce]). It's not so much a diet as a spiritual lifestyle. In practice,the people who call themselves Breatharian do in fact eat from time totime. Not eating is a kind of goal or spiritual practice. But, forwhatever reason, most Breatharian do eat sometimes.

The Breatharian Diet

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