February 21, 2009

VIDEO: Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson, UFC 95

The marquee fight from today's UFC 95:

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VIDEO: Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson, UFC 95


Round 3
Both fighters throwing strong hands to start their third and final round, but neither Diego Sanchez nor Joe Stevenson can land clean. Sanchez comes forward with a three-punch combination, a right hand just glancing Stevenson. Joe Stevenson bats Sanchez with a right as the former TUF winner looks for a lunging body shot. Stevenson steps into the pocket with a one-two, but Sanchez lands a knee to the body to cut him off. Diego Sanchez whips a kick to the body, but Stevenson absorbs most of it on his arm. Both fighters still pecking away with two and three-punch combos that don't land. Diego Sanchez shoots a double-leg which is stuffed, and as Joe Stevenson stands up, he raises his hands to inspire heers from the O2 Arena crowd. Sanchez now adopting the Thomas "Hitman" Hearns stance, but brings his lead hand back up when Stevenson lands a right hand. Two right hooks land for Sanchez but with little impact on Stevenson. Sanchez lunges with a left hook, but Stevenson gets the better with his counter right hand. With 45 seconds left, Sanchez attemps a single-leg takedown from far out of range, that Stevenson easily defends, getting rear waist control and delivering tepid knees to the body before Sanchez breaks away. Stevenson swings with a right hand and misses, while Sanchez lands a left hook. The two flurry away with flailing punches at the end of the bout, the only material strike being a Stevenson left hook as the horn sounds.

The official judges see the bout 29-28 (twice) and 30-27 for Diego Sanchez.

VIDEO: Diego Sanchez vs. Joe Stevenson, UFC 95

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