April 15, 2009

VIDEO: The Rodenator, Squirrel Killing Device

Have to agree this seems inhumane and unnecessary:

VIDEO: The Rodenator, Anti-Squirrel Device

Spokane, Washington, is making national news, and it is not in a good fashion, as their treatment of ground squirrels has become quite questionable. At issue is the use of a Rodenator Pro, which the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department is using Rodenator Pro
to alleviate a problem with an over-population of ground squirrels. The Rodenator Pro injects the squirrel burrows and tunnels with a mixture of propane and oxygen, and then detonates it in an explosion that kills everything in the tunnel, and then finishes them off by collapsing the tunnels. This brings into question whether something as drastic as a Rodenator Pro is really necessary.

The killing of the ground squirrels gained the attention of the Spokane Humane Society, who has not turned a kind eye on how these squirrels are being treated. They even went as far as sending a letter to the Spokane City Council, where Executive Director Dave Richardson impressed their opinion of the situation on Spokane. In the letter he called the killing of the squirrels a "temporary, unethical and reactionary response to a problem that could be solved by limiting the animals' food supply." He makes a good point, and there are a lot of Spokane residents on his side when it comes to dealing with the squirrels humanely.

VIDEO: The Rodenator, Anti-Squirrel Device

Posted at April 15, 2009 1:01 PM