June 25, 2009

Brandon McMillan on Conan (VIDEO)

America loves he hunky guy with the cute, cute animals!

Brandon McMillan on Conan (VIDEO)

I'm not too interested in animals, but I am interested in attractive men who look super cozy in a simple heather grey tee while handling animals on TV. On last night's Tonight Show, Brandon McMillan, host of Animal Planet's Night, guided Conan O'Brien through the not-touching of a series of creatures until Conan finally found one who truly loved him. More specifically, it was a python and it truly loved massaging his crotch. Part 1 of McMillian's interview is below; Part 2 (during which Conan and Brandon perform the Flexed Arm Hang on an elephant's tusks).

Brandon McMillan is an animal trainer and behaviorist who has spent the better part of his 31 years learning about and working with all types of animals—from household pets to the wildest of untamed beasts.

Born into a family of animal entertainers, McMillan has been training wild animals since the age of four. Thanks to his father, who gave him a shovel on his fourth birthday to help clean the animal pens, McMillan developed an attachment to animals at an early age. He jokes that he’s been “picking up tiger poop” as far back as he can remember, but his early years around the animal performers certainly gave him valuable skills that he uses in his current career as a Los Angeles -based animal trainer.

Brandon McMillan on Conan (VIDEO)

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