June 24, 2009

VIDEO: Mark Sanford Admits Affair in Argentina

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there are three pigs in this photo

This was just bizarre.

VIDEO: Mark Sanford Admits Affair in Argentina
excerpts from live blog by wonkette

2:10 — The babe editor of Hotline is telling us that John Ensign had an affair last week, and now Mark Sanford is uhh involved in some problem, so the Republicans could be in trouble!
*****2:24***** HERE HE IS HE IS TALKING and seems confused.
2:24 — He is talking about his history with the Appalachian Trail. He used to take people’s money, when he was younger, and then send them to the Appalachian Trail. These were called “Adventure Trips.”
2:27 — Apologizing to his staff. He invented a “fictional” account of where he was going, and told his staff this. He apologizes to South Carolina. He apologizes to some hobo who was living in his basement during his first governor campaign. “We called it Jurassic Park.” Hey Mark, who did you f**k?
2:29 — Man, he is breaking down. Now he is giving his philosophical take on God’s Law, and his conception of sin. He is a person of Faith. Who did you have sex with, Mark?
2:31 — AHA: He developed a relationship WITH A WOMAN IN ARGENTINA over the last year.
2:31 — Ha ha ha, when he finally said what happened, a lady in the background gave a rather brutal “WTF?” head turn.
2:32 — Stop asking for forgiveness and babbling about your God. Liz Becton would not approve.
2:33 — He’s resigning as chair of the Republican Governors Association.
2:34 — Someone asks if he is separated from his wife. “She is there, I am here, so I guess.” Jesus.
2:35 — He and his wife have been “dealing with this” for the past five or so months. He is in some sort of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program for cheaters? Or just regular therapy.
2:36 — He’s discussing his relationship with his Argentinian sex lady, and how he and she had a very earnest conversation about how they should each stop cheating on their spouses.
2:37 — They were friends for eight years. “Then a year ago things sparked into something else. I have seen her three times since the sparkin’ thing.”
2:38 — “I spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina.”
:41 — OVER. Well, nothin’ much, just secretly flying down to Argentina every now and then to sex up a sexy lady. Sounds like a good deal! Why stop?
2:43 — One more thing: John McCain used to do this in the 1950s.

Posted at June 24, 2009 2:54 PM

I hope his wife and boys run as fast as they can from that 2 timing bastard

Posted by: jopasgirl at June 24, 2009 6:50 PM

Sanford is a sack of manure. Nobody cares about his request for forgiveness, and nobody cares about the "hard decisions" he is now forced to make... he is a lying, conniving, duplicitous, self-righteous, self-serving homo-phobe, who claims to live by some manufactured heterosexual
"Christian" "family" values. This guy needs to pack his bags, move to Buenes Aires, and never show his sorry face in this country as long as he lives. His wife needs to divorce him in the next 48 hours, and wash her hands of the whole sordid thing.

Posted by: DAVID LAROUSSE at June 25, 2009 1:24 PM

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