June 23, 2009

PHOTOS: "Kids Crooked Houses" Playhouse (w/ Prices)

As seen on Jon & Kate Plus 8.. the playhouse so neat it makes your kids forget you're getting divorced!

Where to Get "Kids Crooked Houses" Playhouse

...Halliday and his cousin Jeff Leighton operate Kids Crooked House, makers of the coolest playhouses on the planet. There is no official or even implied relationship to Looney Tunes cartoons, but aren’t they the first thing that spring to mind?

The basic Kids Crooked House Playhouse footprint is a single room 4 x 6 feet with an 8-foot roof. The houses are handcrafted and painted in Maine from 2 x 4 boards and assembled with nails, screws and bolts. They have bright colors with angled beams, every cut a compound angle. Assembly reportedly takes 30 minutes by two adults.

The starting "Kids Crooked House" Playhouse package purchasable online is $1,449 unpainted with optional add-ons including a front porch and roof dormer. Many variations and custom designs are possible, such as a junkyard gas station, castle or wagon house. Home delivery rates range from $630 to about $1,000 in various US states. You can pick up your playhouse free from the company in Windham, Maine, but be prepared to cart away an oversized pallet weighing 800 lbs...see photos of the Kids Crooked Houses Playhouse here and here.

Where to Get "Kids Crooked Houses" Playhouse

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