June 22, 2009

VIDEO: Beyonce & Jay-Z at MSG 6/21/09

VIDEO: Beyonce & Jay-Z at MSG 6/21/09

Description of the show from dajaz1:

"She comes out performing Crazy In Love. Right when Jay Z's verse is supposed to come on, he walks out & does his verse to "Give It To Me". Crowd loses their mind as expected. He exits the stage & she finishes the song. She then goes into Naughty Girl & Freakum Dress. She stops the music & talks to the crowd for a few minutes checking to see what side of the audicene is the loudest. After everyone loses their voice, she goes into Get Me Bodied as the chicks in front of me were doing the Running Man. She slides off stage as she leaves the dancers dancing as she prepares for the next song. As the dancers exit, the stairs rise in the middle of the stage as a video of waves flowing on a beach play in the background as she appears in all white at the top of the stage. She sings Ava Maria, Angel (by Sarah McLachlan), Broken Hearted Girl & If I Were A Boy, (I like r&b but this was too many ballads for me at once). She then runs off the stage."

VIDEO: Beyonce & Jay-Z at MSG 6/21/09

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