June 23, 2009

VIDEO: Major Garrett vs. Obama on Iran

At President Obama's press conference today he had to answer a number of tough questions on how he is handling the situation in Iran. Perhaps the toughest came from Fox News's often annoying Major Garrett, who sparked a rather heated exchange, at least by Obama standards.

VIDEO: Major Garrett vs. Obama on Iran

"FOX News' Major Garrett asks President Obama what took him so long to say he has "concerns" about the election in Iran. Obama said he has been very consistent about his position. Obama reiterated his message that this is "not an issue about the United States," but the Iranian people"

Many experts on the foreign policy have endorsed Obama's cautious approach, pointing out that too much American government involvement would strengthen the Iranian regime, by letting them pull in the US as a scapegoat. But Major Garrett rather bluntly asserted the opposing view, that President Obama has been too slow and too quiet on Iran at this pivotal moment.

VIDEO: Major Garrett vs. Obama on Iran

Posted at June 23, 2009 3:01 PM

We were going to get blamed anyway.. Major was right Obama was a total whimp on this issue. I know many Iranian's that were waiting for him to say something to really support the students. These foreign affair experts can go to hell - The rest of Europe made stronger statements then Obama and right away. He is a total let down. The rest of the media didn't ask one respectable question. They seem to be on the administration's payroll.

Posted by: kade at June 23, 2009 6:29 PM

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