June 8, 2009

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Stephen Colbert Head Shaved

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Stephen Colbert Head Shaved

Camouflage becomes Stephen Colbert. The host of "The Colbert Report" reported for duty at Camp Victory in Baghdad, where he is filming four episodes -- the first full-length non-news show filmed, edited and broadcast from a combat zone, according to the New York Times.

In the normally surreal atmosphere of US military headquarters in Saddam Hussein's former palace, a taped appearance by President Obama ordering his top general in Iraq to shave comedian Stephen Colbert's head didn't even seem that odd.

To the delighted audience of about 250 servicemen and women who were the studio audience of "Operation Iraq Stephen: Going Commando," the show was part of an hour-long suspension of a war that for many on this vast base has become more drudgery than danger.

As seen in the video, Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" airing Monday night is the first of four episodes of the satirical program to be taped in Iraq, sponsored by the United Service Organization (USO) and broadcast this week in a unique collaboration with the military.

In the ballroom of the marble palace at Camp Victory Sunday night, Mr. Colbert bounded onto the stage wearing a business suit made of the same camouflage fabric of Army uniforms. Swinging a golf club, he told the audience what a thrill it was to bring his show to the men and women in Iraq: "a country so nice we invaded it twice."

Stephen Colbert got in the head shaving spirit by donning a camouflage suit and got his head shaved by Gen. Raymond Odierno, who is also a guest on one of the shows. The Montclair resident is a big supporter of the troops on and off camera. He tells the Times: "The best way I can show gratitude is to do my show the best I can and make them laugh. If I tried to tailor my material to people in the Army, there'd be two things. A, that'd be patronizing. And B, I'd be wrong."

See photo here and video as soon as it's available!

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Stephen Colbert Head Shaved

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