June 17, 2009

VIDEO: Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale

All's well that ends crazy..

VIDEO: Real Housewives of New Jersey Finale

Real Housewives of New Jersey, we hardly knew ye! It was a short season, just six episodes, half the number that Bravo devoted to their city slicker sister-wives in New York. But hats off to the producers for not exploiting a single plotline—housewife Danielle’s unsavory past—until last night’s finale, which culminated in a deeply satisfying blaze of glory, as New Jersey’s most talented hair-band member would certainly attest.

To manage this David Blaine-like feat of endurance, the editors had to cut back and forth in time to create a cohesive storyline. How could we tell? Well, for one thing, Teresa’s breasts looked big in some scenes, and non-existent in others. Whatever works!

The highlight of the season—the finest moment in all Housewives’ history, in my opinion—unfolded in the final few minutes of the show, when Teresa goes nuts Jerry Springer-style during her dinner party at Lu Nello restaurant, and overturns the dinner table while screaming the words “whore,” “stupid b—” and uttering another sound that resembled a macaw’s mating call. Maybe instead of silicone, they filled her implants with “crazy”?

VIDEO: Real Hosuewives of New Jersey Finale

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