June 30, 2009

VIDEO: "Weeds" Season 5 Episode 4

VIDEO: "Weeds" Season 5 Episode 4

Weeds has apparently just decided to completely turn itself over to Justin Kirk and hope for the best. I’m not entirely sure this is such a bad plan either. On his own, Andy Botwin isn’t the world’s greatest character (he’s your stereotypical ne’er-do-well), but Kirk’s portrayal of him is pretty excellent much of the time. I think it’s because Kirk, like every other actor on this show, seems to have his own unique comic rhythms and delivery. Whether he’s talking about how he once got a tattoo of a crab (and crabs!) at the Iowa State Fair or getting tazed, Kirk just goes all out, and the show is usually rewarded for it.

It didn’t stop there, either. Andy, a bit jealous of Nancy’s relationship with Esteban, tried to work out to turn himself into the muscular bodyguard Nancy might need (“You look like Jamie Lee Curtis in Perfect,” said new bodyguard Ignacio of Andy’s workout wear). He impersonated his dead brother to try to get more money. He had so many amusing lines that I pretty much stopped bothering to write them down. “Super Lucky Happy” was probably the weakest episode of the season so far, relying as it did on way too many blatant plot stalls, but Kirk almost made the whole thing worthwhile. Almost. (OK, when he yelled, “That bitch!” about his grandmother, I thought it may have been worth everything else in the show)...

Video as soon as we find it!

VIDEO: "Weeds" Season 5 Episode 4

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